How to Make a Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Do you know what will make your fruit smoothie a perfect one?  Adding Greek yogurt to it. It is the ideal way to add creaminess and nutritional value to your smoothie because Greek yogurt has a thicker texture than regular yogurt, which makes it the right ingredient to thicken your smoothie. A Greek yogurt smoothie will soon become your treat for breakfast, an afternoon snack, and dessert. With the high value of protein in the Greek yogurt and its sugar and carbs elements, it also makes for a great post-workout drink. Additionally, making your smoothie with Greek yogurt helps make you full and satisfied with the least amount of time and calories.


All you need to have an indefinite amount of smoothie combinations is to come up with a formula that works for you. One that combines a blend of naturally sweet fruits, yogurt, milk or a little juice, and a sweetener. From there, you can get as creative as you would like. You can even add green leafy vegetables, oats, superfoods like chia seeds, and tons of other ingredients. In the following, we provide you with a formula that you may want to use and tips and suggestions on how to make nutritious Greek yogurt smoothies.

To make your smoothie, you should always start by adding your liquids to the jar first so your blender blade is not damaged. This liquid can be milk or fruit juice. Then you will need frozen fruits so your smoothie comes out really thick and creamy with ice cream like deliciousness. When applying this smoothie formula, you can mix Greek yogurt with a single fruit such as Skinny Peach Smoothie, Orange Vanilla Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, or Frozen strawberry smoothie. You can equally use Greek yogurt with a combination of different fruits such as Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie, Banana Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, Banana Mango Smoothie, Pear Ginger Smoothie, Banana Vanilla Raspberry Smoothie.


  • ½ cup of your favorite milk or fruit juice
  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups of your frozen fruit(s) of choice
  • ½ banana (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon Honey or Agave


  1. Place ingredients into your blender starting with Greek yogurt and milk and ending with frozen fruit. Let them sit for a few minutes to allow frozen fruit time to defrost just slightly (for easier blending).
  1. Blend all ingredients on high until thick, smooth, and creamy.
  1. Add your favorite garnish and serve immediately.


  • Toss chia seeds into the mixture to score a double amount of protein in your smoothie.
  • If frozen fruits are not available, make sure to add a few cubes of ice to your smoothie.
  • If you are not a fan of bananas, you can substitute it with a sweetener or agave and a splash of your favorite milk or a tablespoon of almond butter for better texture.
  • If your blender is not a high-powered blender, we suggest you allow your frozen fruits a few minutes to defrost and soften up a little so it is easier for your blender to process.


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