How to Make a Banana Smoothie

How to Make a Banana Smoothie

Do you ever feel like you could use a snack? Something not too heavy, not too light… Just enough to make your stomach grumble stop for a while, while also benefiting your health. Smoothies are the answer! Not only are they healthy and nutritious, but they are delicious, very quick and easy to make! And the best part is you can choose any combo you want since pretty much all fruits blend well together.


In this article, I’m going to teach you how to make one specific smoothie, with Banana as your base fruit. It’s one of the best smoothies because bananas when blended, have this creamy texture that goes so well with other flavors. It melts in your mouth, making you crave more…

All dreamy description aside, let’s cut to the chase:

Down below I’ve listed 4 easy steps that you can follow to achieve this wonder:

  1. Preparation

For your banana smoothie or any smoothie, It’s recommended that you freeze the fruit beforehand (bananas in this case), put them for about half an hour in your freezer, or simply add in some ice cubes for a fresher outcome and a thicker consistency.

  1. Lay out your tools and ingredients:

Once your fruit is ready, take it out and start laying out everything you’re going to need for your smoothie, this includes:

  • 1 banana
  • Half to one cup of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of sweetener (preferably) honey
  • Some ice cubes (optional)

Now, this is the classical banana smoothie recipe. But if like me, you feel a little adventurous sometimes and like to spice things up a bit, you can go for more flavors, depending on your mood and culinary preferences.

For example, you can add a spoonful of Greek yogurt for some extra protein and a creamier texture; and/or half an orange, or any other tropical fruit like pineapple, mango or berries for more flavor.

You can also substitute the milk (dairy or non-dairy) with water or any fruit-based juice depending on your preference.

Now, once you’ve decided on your ingredients, take out your blender and pour in the liquid first (so as not to damage to blades) then proceed to throw in the rest of the ingredients.

  1. Mix and Blend

Once in the blender, blend well until your mixture comes out smooth and even.

  1. Enjoy!

Pour your mixture into a fancy glass, take a sip and enjoy! You can also save it for later, just make sure you put it in cool temperature.

And that’s it, your guide to a super easy but effective snack. One that kids are particularly fond of. Now you no longer have any excuse to not make this banana smoothie. Most of the ingredients are probably laying around your kitchen already. You just need to take out your blender and work your magic. I guarantee you it’s worth 5 min of your time!


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